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Egg And Sausage Breakfast Casserole

Written By RV Recipes on Saturday, May 25, 2019 | May 25, 2019

Egg And Sausage Breakfast Casserole recipe

This Egg, Basil And Sausage Breakfast Casserole was sent in by Norma from South Australia.

She tells me this is an absolute ease to cook in her Jayco Pop tops oven and is always a hit with her friends in the caravan park, or random strangers that become friends over a few wines lol.


8-oz can (or 1 cup) of diced potatoes
2 sausage links of your choice
4 eggs
½ diced onion
1 bunch basil
Salt, pepper, paprika and garlic powder
Cilantro or basil for garnish
Optional: Top with diced tomatoes


1. In your oven-safe baking dish, sprinkle the potatoes and sausage with half of the spices. Bake at 180°F for 10 minutes to warm them up.

2. Then mix in the eggs and sprinkle the remaining spices. Cook for an additional 10 minutes, or until the eggs reach your desired consistency.

3. Remove from the oven and garnish with cilantro or basil (and tomatoes if desired) and serve with salsa.

4. Enjoy!

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